connecting patients - research and teaching in the area of medical informatics

Some of our current research and work areas are presented below. With us, you can write your Bachelor's or Master's Thesis and Dissertation in any of these areas, explore/enhance your skill set, and broaden your eHealth/mHealth horizons in a hands-on lab.

A couple of ideas for Projects are presented at our Student Project site. 

Our publication site gives a good overview of our fields of research as well:

  • Serious Gaming for Health
  • Mobile Health (mHealth)
  • Rehabilitation
  • Non-communicable disease (NCD) prevention (nutrition, mental health, smoking cessation, etc.)
  • ELGA/Electronic Health Record (EHR)/Personal Health Record (PHR)
  • Patient journey
  • Semantic Interoperability
  • Telemedicine
  • Animal Health IT
  • Socio-technical aspects
  • Analysis/design/evaluation