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Core Team

Christoph Aigner
I've have been a researcher at the COPA group for almost a year now and I am currently working on my PhD thesis. My main research interests are semantic interopability within the domain of electronic health records (standards, terminology, etc.) and veterinary health IT.
René Baranyi
I am currently researching in the field of serious gaming in healthcare (focusing on rehabilitation and life style applications). I finished my PhD in the field of gamification in 2016. I'm also interested in topics related to telemedicine, electronic health records and mobile applications in healthcare.
Florian Walcher

My research focuses on the use of serious gaming in medicine and healthcare. More specifically, I’m interested in how cutting-edge gaming technologies could improve attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms and life quality for adolescents.

Barbara Tappeiner
Main research interests: electronic health record systems, animal health record systems, interoperability, health IT in general


Gregor Mieling
Sylvia Winkler
Carina Arnberger
En Qiang Zhou



Nadja Lederer
Bianca Schneeberger-Schramm
Dennis Binder
Maximilian Speil
Martin Gobber
Reinhard Pitsch
Andreas Ehringfeld
Konrad Paumann