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There are a few new student topics available. Please have a look at them. Most of them can be done by 2 or more people. It is also possible to bring your own topic, if it fits into our research area.

There are quite a few current student topics available. All the listes topics are still available and can be conducted by one or more students (in some project cases groupwork might also be possible). It is also possible to suggest your own topic in the context of medical informatics!

Kolleg*innen der MedUni Wien organisieren dieses Jahr die AIME-Tagung (Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Medicine), die von 21. - 24. Juni 2017 in Wien stattfinden wird:

Dafür suchen sie interessierte Student*innen, die Saalbetreuung, Betreuung der Registrierung vor Ort, etc. übernehmen möchten.

Come Wednesday, March 8, 2017 from 5-7pm at EI 4 Reithoffer HS, we'll present current research areas and open topics for theses, seminars, practical work within the domain of medical informatics.

Mark the date in your calendar and give us a listen!

We still have spots available at this year’s mobile computing in health care course. You’ll be tasked with the challenge to design and implement a mobile app (plus, web app) to support people who suffer from depression. During this course, you’ll learn about native development (Android/iOS) from scratch, you’ll hear what depression looks and feels like and you’ll get invaluable insights into what all the fuss is about regarding this weird HL7 FHIR standard.

A must for students who’d like to indulge in the design of mobile mental health applications.

Tomorrow, Thursday March 2, 2017 starting 4:15PM, we will kick off the new semester with preliminary talks (“Vorbesprechung”) regarding the course “183.636 Mobile Computing in Health Care” at GM4 Knoller HS. In this course, we will keep up the good work on mobile mental health applications, though, depressive disorders take the center stage this time.

Then, come Monday, March 6, 2017 starting 5PM at EI 3A HS, next week Monday, March 13, 2017 we will follow up with talking about what the course “183.635 eHealth in Theory and Practice” has in store for us this semester beside a mixture of exciting eHealth content and some hands-on experience. After the preliminary talk, we will start with the first class right away. Please consult TISS for further details.

Come join us ;)

This year the 183.636 mobile computing in healthcare course will be all about “mental health applications”.

Several psychotherapists and psychiatrists have committed themselves to voluntarily accompany the project and help students conceptionalize their applications. So, come one come all, let’s dive into this exciting field of research together.

A New Publication regarding a Serious Game to support and motivate people conducting sport activities has been accepted at ICBHI (


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